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The True Heroes of Play Therapy

As a play therapist trained to be non-directive and child lead, I constantly see the sparkle i

thought about my first post I started reflecting on the honour I held sitting beside so many children and families and being asked questions, advice, my opinion I felt I wanted to use a digital platform about my experience as my introduction back.

My First Experierence of Play Therapy

I reflect sitting for the first weekend for my play therapy course, sitting in a room full of people I’d never met before about to embark on a Post Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy. It was something I knew very little about, only that it helped to heal children. I recall brimming with excitement as the first day progressed and hour by hour I learnt more about what a play therapist does and the deep healing that it brings to children, I knew that day in my heart, I had found my calling for life.  

I realised very quickly I wanted to open my practice and that it would be a heart job, working from heart to heart rather than a business. When people ask me what my job is and I tell them that I work with children who are struggling to cope with life every day, often they have experienced trauma the usual response I get is, “That must be hard; I don’t think how you could do that.” I have to say that’s not how I see it, it’s not the posture of my heart.  

I feel it is my absolute privilege and honour to get to sit beside children and families, help them navigate hard times, to answer questions and help them to piece together behaviours, anger, fear from their children, all of which are just symptoms of something more profound. Being trusted to sit beside a child and be part of their healing journey and for each child to sit beside me and feel safe to heal, to do the hard work needed for them to find freedom this something I will never take for granted.

I hear the things that families don’t usually speak about to others, but somehow they trust me enough to tell me hard things. It’s usually a great sigh of relief for parents and children to know that they are not alone, to understand what is happening and know that there is always hope for healing no matter what the situation. Many times bringing it to the light it never seems as wrong as they first thought. Often I find parents are too hard on themselves and their expectation on their child is too high, but that comes from their own experiences there is never any judgment, we are where we are.  

In my eyes, children are the heroes of their therapy journey, as a play therapist, I facilitate and hold the space but it’s the child that turns up week after week and do the hard work to heal and realign their body – that’s a privilege for me to watch, to sit beside. It is always a joyous process after the hard work when layer after layer the real child starts to emerge grasping tight a newly found strong identity and awareness where their place is in this world.

At WayMaker Child Therapy, we are curious about every child, every parent, every family and every situation. We invite children and parents into a safe nurturing environment to begin a transformation journey into a child’s world through the healing power of play. 

Eileen Russell

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