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  • Is your child struggling with day to day life?
  • Are you, as a parent/carer struggling to understand what's happening?
  • Do you feel powerless to help either your child or family?
  • Are these struggles affecting your family life or your child's school life?

Suppose the answer is yes to any of these or perhaps another situation. In that case, WayMaker Child Therapy invites you into a warm, friendly and safe space to begin a journey of exploration.  We want to enable you to discover the uniqueness of your child, family and situation, and help lead your child and family into total emotional health.

Identity is key to us so we are curious about every child and family. We aim to help children and families make sense of their world regardless of their past circumstances or trauma, assisting children and parents find their inner voice by providing time and space work out who they are, leading them to full emotional health.

It can be very upsetting for parents to watch their child struggle and experience problems that causes them to be sad, disruptive, rebellious and unable to cope. Often parents find it hard to make sense of why your child is behaving in a specific manner.

We offer a free no-obligation consultation and get alongside parents to help them piece together and make sense of what is happening in their child’s world and decide what kind of therapy best suits their unique needs.
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