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Concerns for a family?

If you have concerns about a family that you work with, please call us your query will be dealt with confidentiality.  We work with parents who are struggling with their child and relationship, oftentimes having a poor attachment.  Using professional paren coaching from a professional play therapist in a warm, non-judgemental environment.

Call 07980704089 or email eileen@waymakerchildtherapy.co.uk for further information.

Family Help

“40% of children miss out on the parenting needed to succeed in life.”

We know that supporting parents means better outcomes for the child, we have seen the difference this support can make. That’s why we guide parents through our professional child relationship coaching.  This involves a play therapist working together with a parent/carer working together to learn key skills which they can use to help enhance the attachment that they have with their child.

During the intervention the coach and parent meet together weekly to discuss and learn about child-centred, non-directive play; there are play observations.  We use an index measure and can track the changes implemented throughout the family.

To refer a family please simply call us on 07980704089 or email, eileen@waymakerchildtherapy.co.uk or contact us here.


Innovative Programmes for your Organisation

We know that early intervention is key.  We create and innovate tailor-made programmes for organisations like schools, Sure Start and other community organisations who currently work alongside parents around the importance of play and therapeutic playful approaches.  Please get in touch on the number above to discuss this further.