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Becoming a parent is one of the best gifts…

in the world, but it can also be challenging. 

Are you struggling as a parent?

Do you find it hard to set boundaries with your child?

Do you feel that your child doesn’t listen to you?

Is your child having outbursts that are hard to manage? or

Do you feel that technology is taking over?

There is no such things as perfect parenting

Each child, parent and family are unique and we invite into a safe space to discover all of the things that you already in place for your family, trust us there will be lots.

We will then to take you on a unique journey exploring your parenting by our three R’s method shifting your perspective, equipping you with tools to improve your relationship, taking you to a new level of parenting empowering you to be the agent of change in your family improving your family’s mental and emotional health.

Are you ready to transform the relationship with your child through play?

As a parent, you will work along with our professional, friendly play therapist. You will learn critical skills which you can use to help deepen the bond you have with your child. During the intervention, the therapist and parent meet together weekly to discuss and learn about child-centred, non-directive play;

The themes covered during these sessions are:

  • Being predictable and consistent
  • Setting and keeping boundaries
  • Focussing on and being with your child
  • Reflecting your child’s emotions and words
  • Giving choices back to your child
  • All the above will be implemented with the use of non-directive play

Family Support

New parenting journal coming soon…

Watch this space.  We have a parenting journal coming soon which aims to take parents on their own unique journey to find out who they are and what suits their family taking your parenting skills to the next level.

“The parent-child connection is the most powerful mental health intervention known to mankind.”

Bessel van der Kolk