FAQs Parents – Play Therapy

To ensure that our service is right for your child we offer a free no-obligation consultation. This starts with a phone call and we can take it from there. You are welcome to come and personally meet our therapist and see the playroom/creative arts room.
Every child and circumstance is different so we offer a free no-obligation consultation is to ensure play therapy is suitable. We can help to piece together the right approach for your child and most of all we ask parents to go with their gut instinct before proceeding.
Our therapy sessions are child lead which means that this is different for every child. On average the number of sessions required is around twelve. However, it depends on the level needs for each child. Play therapy is psychotherapy which works deeper to completely heal and restore rather than putting a sticky plaster on the symptoms.
A session of play therapist lasts for 45 minutes.
Play therapy is suitable for children aged from three years old.
Every child responds differently to play therapy, sometimes parents can see a noted improvement from the first session, sometimes a child’s behaviour can regress and this is because they need to go back to go forward. Usually, by sessions six there are noted differences.
At the beginning of therapy parents complete an online SDQ form which allows us to track where your child is in several aspects. This is repeated every ten weeks or towards the end of therapy. We can also track changes in school if parents wish to get teachers involved in the process also.
Our therapy room is warm and inviting for a child. It has various play and creative media including sand, clay, art, puppets, musical instruments, therapeutic stories, etc. Parents are invited to view our therapy space before sessions commencing and we can send you pictures on what it looks like.
Yes, play therapy only works between child and therapist. Many children start with is who experience separation anxiety and we are fully trained to provide a gentle invitation for them and allowing them to quickly become comfortable in our space.
Yes, we ask parents to explain to their children that they are starting play therapy. There is no right or wrong way to do this and you know as the parent the extent of what your child needs to know. This is something we can discuss in the initial consultation.
Most parent do inform their child’s teacher if they are commencing therapy. Most slots are during the school day and therefore children leave school to attend just like other medical appointments. We can work alongside teachers also and provide final reports if required. Play Therapy supports your child’s academic achievements and allows them to be ready to learn in class.