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Equal Opportunities Policy

In this document, the terms “we”, “us”, “our” and/or “WayMaker Child Therapy” refer to WayMaker Child Therapy. The terms “you” and/or “your” refer to all employees of WayMaker Child Therapy, who are covered by this policy. It does not form part of your terms and conditions of employment and may be subject to change and statutory updates at our discretion.

Policy Statement – Our commitment to you:

  • We will seek to prevent discrimination and ensure equal representation in the services we provide, the structures that we facilitate and the practice through which we carry out our work. We will do this by developing diversity in our management committee, networks and membership, to ensure a genuinely wide representation.
  • We realise that discrimination exists in society (whether protected by law or not), and believe that this prevents young people, and others, from realising their potential.
  • We accept the responsibility, as a provider of a service to the community, to promote equal opportunities and challenge discrimination wherever it occurs.

Key Principles:

We will not tolerate discrimination or harassment and are fully committed to promoting equal opportunities in employment. Our staff and anyone applying for a job with us will receive fair and equal treatment.

We will never victimise anyone who makes a legitimate complaint if they, or somebody else, is being harassed or discriminated against.

We will do all that we can to challenge any language or behaviour of any user of our services that is unacceptable and incompatible with this policy. In cases where intervention is possible, we will adopt a gentle approach, which aims to alter attitudes and behaviour.

WayMaker Child Therapy C.I.C
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Equal Opportunities Procedure/Guide Contents:
1. Glossary of terms used
2. Roles and responsibilities
a. Us
b. You
c. Our volunteers and service users
3. How we carry out our responsibilities and duties
4. How we recruit, promote, and make other selections
5. How we enforce this policy and handle breaches
6. How we monitor whether the policy is working

To download the full Policy in PDF version please click on this document. Equal Opportunities Policy