Fresh Little Minds Facilitator

I am delighted to be a licenced Fresh Little Minds facilitator and have delivered programmes to children from pre-school to post primary including special schools.

The Fresh Little Minds is a highly acclaimed mental health and resilience programme based on AMBER resilience and wellbeing approach a comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum structured around 3 programmes each of 6 weeks that enable children to talk about how they are feeling, focus the mind, sharpen the senses, develop character strengths and qualities such as optimistic outlooks, expressing gratitude, and performing acts of kindness.  The programme teaches children and parents the bio chemistry of their mind/body make up and children learn techniques that help them self-regulate restoring wellness and equilibrium.

Fresh Little Minds programmes embed the AMBER Approach© for Resilience.  The AMBER Approach© for Resilience is completely unique as it explicitly integrates a range of different modalities which support healing processes, strengthen children and restore wellbeing.

The AMBER Approach© for Resilience has been developed by Fresh Minds Education.  The Innovative Approach emerged as a result of 2-years desk research and a further 3-yrs field testing directly with children and young people, their parents, teachers and youth workers in primary schools and in community youth work environments.

Like animals humans need self-correcting and self-regulating mechanisms to rebound from overwhelming events.  Helping children to unstick themselves when their Fight, Flight and Freeze responses are triggered helps them develop greater resilience for the future, it helps to restore and balance their energy and connects them with a sense of aliveness.

When children learn these skills they experience more confidence, more joy and more resilience later in life.

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